Samsung Android Secret Code

Hanya untuk smartphone Samsung berbasis Android.

Secret Codes:

*#*#4636#*#* – Phone Information
*2767*3855# – Hard Reset
*#*#7780#*#* – Factory Reset
*#*#7594#*#* – Change End Call/Power Option
*#*#197328640#*#* – Service Mode 1
*#2263# – Service mode 2
*#*#273283*255*663282*#*#* – File Copy Screen (Backup Media Files)
*#*#526#*#* – WLAN Test
*#*#232338#*#* – Shows WiFi MAC address
*#*#1472365#*#* – GPS Test
*#*#1575#*#* – Another GPS test
*#*#232331#*#* – Bluetooth test
*#*#232337#*# – Shows Bluetooth device address
*#*#8255#*#* – GTalk Service Monitor

Codes to launch various Factory Tests:

*#*#0283#*#* – Packet Loopback
*#*#0*#*#* – LCD test
*#*#0673#*#* – Melody test
*#*#0842#*#* – Device test (Vibration test and BackLight test)
*#*#2663#*#* – Touch screen version
*#*#2664#*#* – Touch screen test
*#*#0588#*#* – Proximity sensor test
*#*#3264#*#* – RAM version

Codes to get Firmware version information:

*#*#4986*2650468#*#* – PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate
*#*#1234#*#* – PDA and Phone
*#*#1111#*#* – FTA SW Version
*#*#2222#*#* – FTA HW Version
*#*#44336#*#* – PDA, Phone, CSC, Build Time, Changelist number
*#272*IMEI# – To change the salescodes and reset the user data (by blade2011)
*#*0*# – general test

Hard Reset menghapus semua files & settings di internal memory, atau sama dengan memformat ulang firmwarenya.
Kalo sudah menekan code untuk Hard Reset, maka akan langsung hard reset, tidak ada pilihan Cancel.
Sedangkan Factory Reset hanya menghapus account, system & aplikasi setting


Condetsoft v4.01 Kamus Lengkap Inggris-Indonesia

Condetsoft v4.01 Kamus Lengkap Inggris-Indonesia

Aplikasi yang mudah dan sangat populer digunakan untuk melengkapi koleksi mobile kamus.
Mendukung Inggris – Indonesia, Indonesia – fitur kata kerja bahasa Inggris, teratur dan tidak teratur termasuk infinitive, masa lalu yang sederhana, participle masa lalu dan makna dalam bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia).

Antarmuka pengguna perangkat lunak mendukung kedua Bahasa Inggris (Inggris) dan Indonesia (Indonesia). Anda dapat mengaktifkan fitur ini di bawah menu Pilihan.

Kompatibel Dengan:


Condetsoft v4.01 Kamus Lengkap Inggris-Indonesia


Serial Key:
Register dengan Serial Key Sembarang


Aplikasi L-Men Blackberry


L-Men Digital Personal Trainer

Specially developed for BlackBerry users who are interested in getting athletic body and creating more active performance, with a very user friendly application and great features.

L-Men Features :

Workout to help you doing exercise
Nutrition to know how much calories you have to consume
Gym Buddy to socialize with your friend
Men’s Garage to guide you know more about fitness
L-Men Store to know about L-men’s products
News & Event to get newest update about L-men with Push Technology
and many mores.

L-Men Digital Personal Trainer : http://l-men.veelabs.com/



Screen Shot v2.1.6


Screen Shot v2.1.6

ScreenShot can take a screen shot of your current BlackBerry screen with just one click.
Product Features:
-Adjustable time delay before screen shot is taken.
-Selectable “screen taken” notification: dialog, sound, vibration.
-Screen shots can be queued up for easy batch sending.
-Manual directory setting
-File name conventions: custom prefix and suffix, current date and time can be added to the file name automatically


Screen Shot v2.1.6 Compatible Models
(81xx, 82xx, 83xx, 85xx, 87xx, 88xx, 8900, 90xx, 9100, 93xx, 95xx, 96xx, 97xx, 9800)

Download Screen Shot v2.1.6



Twitter for BlackBerry versi 2.0 – Beta


Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones – version 2.0 – is available in BlackBerry® Beta Zone today.

Twitter for BlackBerry v2.0 Features:

* Redesigned Navigation Bar
* New Compose Tweet Button
* Single Search Screen
* External Notification- New app header shows you notification from other apps like email, BBM, etc.
* New Black/Chrome Color Scheme


Download ota




Blackberry Protect


BlackBerry Protect

Your key to securityBlackBerry® Protect is a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure. It can also offer peace of mind for small businesses and families.

Back it up

Your contacts, text messages, calendar and bookmarks can be backed up wirelessly and automatically. Should your smartphone go missing, it’s easy to restore the data from your last backup.

Protect your information

Lost your smartphone? Simply log in to the BlackBerry Protect website and lock your device. You can also delete the information on your smartphone and microSD card.

Find your smartphone

Don’t give up on your lost smartphone, log in to the BlackBerry Protect website first. Lock and display a message on your smartphone Home screen. Then locate it on a map, or if you think it’s nearby, force it to ring at full volume.

Switch smartphones

Just bought a new BlackBerry smartphone? BlackBerry Protect makes it easy restore the settings, contacts and calendar items you had backed up on your last one. Just download BlackBerry Protect to your new smartphone and log in.

Protect multiple smartphones

If you have multiple smartphones in your company, or even your family, you can use BlackBerry Protect to keep everyone’s information secure and to find lost smartphones.





Handler Mod Apps: UC Browser, Opera Mini, Bolt, and Others

UC Browser Handler UI Mods:

UC Browser 7.6 Final HUI200b4: UC-Browser-7-6-HUI-200b4.jar
UC Browser 7.2 Lite HUI200b4: UC-Browser-7-2-Lite-HUI-200b4.jar
UCBrowser7.5.1.77 Final HandlerUI 200b4: UCBrowser7.5 FinalHUI200b4.jar
UCBrowser7.5.1.77 Final HandlerUI 200b4: UCBrowser7.5 FinalHUI200b4.zip
UCBrowser7.4 Official Handler UI 200b3-Fix1: UCBr7.4 Offc HUI 200b3.jar
UCBrowser7.4 Official Handler UI 200b3-Fix1: UCBr7.4 Offc HUI 200b3.zip
UCBrowser7.4 Official HandlerUI 200b3: UCBrowser7.4 Official HUI 200b3.jar
UCBrowser7.4 Official HandlerUI 200b3: UCBrowser7.4 Official HUI 200b3.zip
UCBrowser7.2.2.51 HandlerUI 200b3: UCBrowser7.2.2.51-HUI200b3.jar
UCBrowser7.2.2.51-HandlerUI-200b1: UCBrowser7.2.2.51-HUI-200b1.jar
UCBrowser7.2.2.51-HandlerUI-200b1-(Signed): UCBrowserHUI200Beta1.jar
UCBrowser7.2.2.51-HandlerUI-200b1-(Signed): UCBrowserHUI200Beta1.jad
UC7.2 HandlerRMS Backup Mod: UC7.2 Handler_RMS BackUp.zip
UC7.2 Final Handler UI Mod: UC7.2 Final HandlerUI150.jar
UC7.2 Beta Handler UI Mod:  UC7.2 Beta HandlerUI.jar
Ucweb 7.1 Handler UI Mod India:  Ucweb 7.1 Final Handler Mod.jar
Ucweb 7.1 Handler UI Mod Indonesia:  Ucweb 7.1 Final Handler Mod.jar
Ucweb 7.1 Handler UI Mod US:  Ucweb 7.1 Final Handler Mod.jar
Ucweb 7- English Handler UI:  Ucweb 7 Final Handler Mod.jar
Ucweb 7- Final Handler UI Mod:  Ucweb 7 Final Handler Mod.jar
Ucweb 7.1 Handler UI Mod Ch Server:  Ucweb 7.1 Final Handler Mod.jar
Ucweb 6.7 Handler UI Mod:  Ucweb 6.7 Handler Mod.jar
Ucweb 6.3 Handler UI Mod:  Ucweb 6.3 Handler Mod.jar
Ucweb 5.1 Handler UI Mod:  Ucweb 5.1 Handler Mod.jar

Bolt Browser Handler UI Mods:

Bolt2.31 Handler UI Mod 200b4: Bolt2.31-HandlerUI200b4.jar
Bolt2.31 Handler UI Mod 200b4: Bolt2.31-HandlerUI200b4.zip
Bolt2.31 Handler UI Mod 200b3: Bolt2.31-HandlerUI200b3.jar
Bolt2.31 Handler UI Mod 200b3: Bolt2.31-HandlerUI200b3.zip
Bolt2.3 Handler UI Mod 200b3-Fix1: Bolt2.3HandlerUI200b3-Fix1.jar
Bolt2.3 Handler UI Mod 200b3-Fix1: Bolt2.3HandlerUI200b3-Fix1.zip
Bolt2.1.1HandlerUi150_Signed: Bolt2.1.1HandlerUi150_Signed.jar
Bolt 2.10 Handler UI Rev2: Bolt2.1_Hui150_Rev2_New.jar
Bolt 2.10 HandlerUIRev1 antijoystick: Bolt2.10 HandlerUI150Rev1.jar
Bolt 2.10 Handler UI Mod:  Bolt2.10 HandlerUI150.jar
Bolt 2.10 Lite Handler UI Mod:  Bolt2.10Lite HandlerUI.jar
Bolt 2.02 Beta Handler UI Mod:  Bolt2.02 HandlerUI143.jar
Bolt 2.02 Beta Lite Handler UI Mod:  Bolt2.02Lite HandlerUI143.jar
Bolt 2.0 Beta Handler UI Mod:  Bolt2.0 HandlerUI143.jar
Bolt 1.7 Handler UI Mod:  Bolt 1.7 Handler Mod.jar
Bolt 1.7 Lite Handler UI Mod:  Bolt 1.7 Lite Handler Mod.jar
Bolt 1.62 Handler UI Mod:  Bolt 1.62 Handler Mod.jar
Bolt 1.6 Handler UI Mod:  Bolt 1.6 Handler Mod.jar
Bolt 1.5 Handler UI Mod:  Bolt 1.5 Final Handler Mod.jar


Opera Mini and Opera Mini Mod Browser Handler UI Mods:

Opera Mini 4.3.24214 Editable HTTP Server B100(Alt Handler): OM4.3HTTPB100.jar
OperaMiniMod 4.2 RC3 Handler UI 123: OMMod4.2RC3HUI123.jar
OperaMiniMod 4.2 RC3 Handler UI 200b4: OMMod4.2RC3HUI200b4.jar
OperaMiniMod 4.2 RC2 Handler UI 200b4: OMMod4.2RC2HUI200b4.jar
OperaMiniMod 4.2 RC1 Handler UI 200b4: OMMod4.2RC1HUI200b4.jar
OperaMiniMod 4.2 RC1 Handler UI 200b4: OMMod4.2RC1HUI200b4.zip
OperaMiniMod 4.2 Test16 Handler UI 200b4: OMMod4.2T16HUI200b4.jar
OperaMiniMod4.2 Test15 Rev7 Handler UI 200b4: OMMod4.2T15HUI200b4.jar
OperaMiniMod4.2 Test15 Rev1 Handler UI 200b4: OMMod4.2T15HUI200b4.jar
OperaMiniMod4.2 Test14 Handler UI Mod 200b4: OMMod4.2T14HUI200b4.jar
OperaMini 5.1 Handler UI 100 for Android: Opera-Mini-5-1-HUI100.apk
Opera Mini 4.2-HUI Darkman Signed: OpMini4.2-HUI-Darkman Signed.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test12-HUI 200b4: OMMod4.2-T12-HUI200b4.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test11-HUI 200b4: OperaMiniMod4.2-Test11-HUI200b4.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test11-HUI 200b4: OperaMiniMod4.2-Test11-HUI200b4.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test10-HUI 200b4: OperaMiniMod4.2-Test10-HUI200b4.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test10-HUI 200b4: OperaMiniMod4.2-Test10-HUI200b4.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test9-HUI 200b4-Fix1: OMMod4.2-Test9-HUI200b4-Fix1.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test9-HUI 200b4-Fix1: OMMod4.2-Test9-HUI200b4-Fix1.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test9-HUI 200b4: OMMod4.2-Test9-HUI200b4.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test9-HUI 200b4: OMMod4.2-Test9-HUI200b4.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test8-HUI 200b4–Fix1: OperaMiniMod4.2-Test8-HUI200b4.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test8-HUI 200b4-Fix1: OperaMiniMod4.2-Test8-HUI200b4.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test8-HUI 200b4: OperaMiniMod4.2-Test8-HUI200b4.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test8-HUI 200b4: OperaMiniMod4.2-Test8-HUI200b4.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test7-HUI200b3: OperaMiniMod4.2-Test7-HUI200b3.jar
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test7-HUI200b3: OperaMiniMod4.2-Test7-HUI200b3.zip
Opera Mini Mod 4.2-Test5-HUI200b3: OperaMiniMod4.2-Test5-HUI200b3.jar
Opera Mini-4.2.20663-hui143+backlight: opera mini-4.2.20663-hui143+backlight.jar
Opera Mini 5.1.21051 Handler: opera-mini-5.1.21051 handler143.jar
OM4.2 Labs Handler Rev2_New: OM4.2 Labs Handler150Rev2.jar
OperaMiniMod4.2-Test3-English Handler: OpMod42Test3-HandlerUI150.zip
OperaMiniMod4.2Test1_Handler: OperaMiniMod4.2Test1_Handler.jar
OperaMini5HandlerUI150 antijoystick:  opmin50hui150_antijoystick.jar
OperaMini5.0.19693 Handler UI Mod:  OperaMini5.0.19693 Handler.jar
Opera Mini 5 Final Handler UI Mod:  OperaMini5 Final Handler142.jar
Opera Mini 4.2 Lab Rev3 HandlerUI:  Opmin 4.2 Labs Handler Mod.jar
Opera Mini 4.2 Lab HandlerUI Mod:  Opmin 4.2 Labs Handler Mod.jar
Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 HandlerUI Mod:  Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 Handler.jar
Opera Mini 5 Beta 1 Handler UI Mod:  Opera Mini 5 Beta Handler.jar
Opera Mini 4.2 Handler UI Mod:  Opera Mini 4.2 Handler Mod.jar


Other Applications and Browsers Handler UI Mods:

eBuddy 2.20 Handler UI 200b4 Mod: eBuddy220HUI200b4Mod.jar
WorldOfDragon116S60DP2 HUI200b4: WOD116S60DP2 HUI200b4.jar
MGMaps13921Handler UI Mod200b4: MGMaps13921HUI200b4.jar
Google Maps 302 Handler UI Mod200b4(for TouchScreen): GMaps302HUI200b4.jar
Google Maps 302 Handler UI Mod200b4(for TouchScreen): GMaps302HUI200b4.zip
eBuddy 2.20 Handler UI 150 Mod: eBuddy220HUI150Mod.jar
RockeTalk 5.3.2 Handler UI Mod:  RockeTalk532HandlerUI132.jar
Solve My Math 1.0 Handler UI Mod:  SolveMyMath10Handler.jar
Snaptu1.30 Handler UI Mod:  Snaptu 1.30 Handler.jar
Nimbuzz1.7.2-Touch-HUI 200b1: Nimbuzz1.7.2-Touch-HUI200b1.jar
Nimbuzz1.70 Handler UI Mod:  Nimbuzz170 HandlerUIMod.jar
Baidu Browser 1.09 Handler UI Mod: Baidu 1.09 HandlerUI142.jar
DM Mobile 0.2.2 Handler UI Mod:  DM Mobile 0.2.2 Handlerui142.jar
Mobile File Loader121 Handler UI Mod:  MFL0121HandlerUI142.zip
Google Maps 2.3.2 Handler UI Mod:  Google Maps2.3.2 Handler.jar
GTranslateTool 141Handler UI Mod: GTranslate v141 Handler142.jar
Mozat 5.2.1 Handler UI Mod: Mozat521HandlerUI142.jar
Morange 5.13 Handler UI Mod:  Morange 5.13 Handler Mod.jar
Gmail 2.0.6 Handler UI Mod:  Gmail 2.0.6 HandlerUI142.jar
Snaptu1.28 Handler UI Mod:  Snaptu1.28 Handler Mod.jar
Snaptu1.26 Handler UI Mod:  Snaptu1.26 Handler Mod.jar
Mig33 v4.20 Handler UI Mod:  Mig33 v4.20 Handler Mod.jar
eBuddy 1.5.0 Handler UI 200b3: eBuddy150HUI200b3.jar
WorldOfDragon115S60DP2HPHUI200b4: WOD115S60DP2HPHUI200b4.jar
WorldOfDragon115S60DP3HUI200b4: WOD115S60DP3HUI200b4.jar
World Of Dragon 111 Handler: WorldOfDragon111Handlerui150.jar
iWidsets 2.2.0 Handler Ui: iWidsets220HandlerUi150.jar
YourTube1.03 Handler UI Mod:  YourTube103handlerui150.jar
Shmessenger 3.1.9 Beta Handler UI Mod:  Shm319bHandlerUI142.zip
Shmessenger 3.1.10 Beta Handler UI Mod:  Shm3110bHandlerUI143.zip
Skype1.21 Handler UI Mod:  Skype1.21 Handler Mod.jar
Twittai 1.3 Handler UI Mod:  Twittai 1.3 Handler Mod.jar



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